Arnold Glas matriXpoint Glass For Construction Purposes

The point of modern glass facade

Bolted Glass matriXpoint

MatriXpoint is designed for the point-anchoring of architectural glass sheeting. This new matriXpoint system, which has been approved by Germany’s building inspection authorities, was specially developed for the point-anchoring of vertical facades to create an attractive architectural symbiosis of stainless steel and glass elements.

Two versions of the matriXpoint system are now available: Using either counter-sunk anchors (registration number Z-70.2-79) or flat-head anchors (registration number Z-70.280). Patents are pending for both of these versions, which are made from high-quality stainless steel and are ideally suited for use with either single-pane or insulated glass sheeting.

Support structures that are compatible with the matriXpoint system include: Steel and aluminium arched or rigid frameworks, pre-stressed elements, cable suspensions or other specially engineered constructions.

For single-pane glass sheeting - fire-resistant, tempered glass can be used having a maximum sheet size of 2,000 x 3,200 mm with the thickness depending on the calculated static loads. For insulated glass sheeting - a maximum thickness of 40 mm is possible. When both types of glass are used in combination, the outer sheeting should be LSG (laminated safety glass) composed of either reinforced or tempered glass sheets, while the inner sheeting should use single-paned reinforced safety glass. Again, the maximum glass thickness depends on the calculated static loads and a maximum sheet size of 2,000 x 3,200 mm is recommended.