Arnold Glas laminated glass with textile inlets

Laminated Glass with Material Insert

These days, the transparent construction material glass is really gaining special significance: glass elements set new standards for interior design., e.g. for bathrooms, linving rooms or furniture. Laminated glass with a material insert is an ideal design element for trade fair construction or interior decorators. Whether it is used as a partition wall, door, wall covering, and tabletop or purely as a design element, the durable design element made of the material glass and other high quality materials offer exclusivity and a long service life.

Laminated glass with material insert is manufactured in a process where material that is even and as thin as possible is laminated in a composite film between two panes of glass.

Thus a high quality product is created, in which the embedded material is permanently protected. The design options can be completely and individually tailored regarding the user' s requirements.