Arnold Glas Shelter


The recently developed, variable laminated SHELTER Glass makes light scattering individually controllable.

SHELTER Glass is a switchable glass composite. This glazing offers the possibility to be transparent when switching on, an electrical voltage. Without power, it forms an opaque glass surface, for more effective privacy and / or can be used as a rear projection screen for multimedia presentations.

The principle of a SHELTER-glazing is based on the optically active material with liquid crystals, which is embedded between two conductive coated films, laminated with PVB - foil in a glass composite. Without electric power, the liquid crystals are randomly oriented and the incident light is scattered, i. e. the glazing is opaque. When a voltage is applied to adjust the LC in the unit, the layer is transparent.

SHELTER glass is provided as finished glass application, as a single/mono glazing for indoor use or as double glazing unit for doors and windows.

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