Arnold Glas Pommernkaserne Wolfshagen

When light becomes current

Photovoltaic Glass VOLTARLUX

VOLTARLUX® Solar Energy Modules are transparent multi-functional facade elements: They can be used in all normal windows in the same way as conventional insulating glass or panel glass units - with one major difference: They also comprise a solar power unit delivering up to 60 kWh per m² per year. A further benefit is their reduction of incident light without the need for additional shade provision. VOLTARLUX® is available in a variety of versions from semi-transparent to opaque, including a graduated version.


Depending on requirements, VOLTARLUX® can be used as a curtain wall / cold facade, in an insulating glass facade or as overhead glazing units (supplied with pre-drilled holes for point-fixing on request), to give a host of design options. In addition, VOLTARLUX is an outstandingly effective option for large areas. VOLTARLUX® enables large areas to be interconnected quickly and safely (standard module size: 576 x 976 mm, available as a standard solar module up to size 1300 x 2500 mm; larger dimensions on request).

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