Non-Reflective Glass AMIREX

Reflected light disrupts the view into and out of a lit room at night, and causes difficulties in observing events and objects.


AMIREX is used in all locations where a clear -view out is critical. Picture windows in restaurants, airport control towers, glassed-in washing cubicles, banks, recording studios, filling stations, display cases in museums and exhibitions, and of course store display windows. To sum up: Non-reflective glass is a useful feature in any situation in which normal glass would be unable to cope with major discrepancies in light level between the two sides of the glass.


AMIREX glass surfaces have a hard yet ultra-fine weatherproof metal oxide coating, reducing reflection from 8% to 1% to guarantee clear views and safety.


  • Clear view in difficult light conditions
  • Used in modern multi-functional glazing unit (in conjunction with heat insulation or sun protection or anti-impact glass and many other options).