Insulating glass with UV-resistant seal

ISOLAR-UVR is particularly noted for its highly durable, high-performance sealing material. It has demonstrated outstanding performance in all climatic conditions and in a wide variety of applications.


The sealant features ultra-high UV resistance, excellent adhesive properties and durability. This makes ISOLAR-UVR an ideal building element even for harsh weather conditions. In addition to structural glazing applications, ISOLAR-UVR is used in all situations where insulating glass unit seals are exposed to constant UV rays (e.g. conservatories). ISOLAR-UVR can be combined with all products and functions from the ISOLAR range.


ISOLAR-UVR features a special silicon sealant as a secondary sealant in the edge seal of the insulating glass. This effectively protects the primary sealant (butyl), since it is more efficient at absorbing the expansion and contraction of the insulating glass elements which occur during temperature fluctuations.


  • UV resistant
  • Durable
  • Outstanding adhesive properties
  • Temperature resistant
  • Can be produced using all ISOLAR glass types