WBS - WelBondSystem

Glazing units with smart assembly fittings

The WelBondSystem is a completely new type of glazing system . It is based on the patented glass/metal compound process previously used primarily for panels, breastwork and balustrades. We exploited our years of expertise in this field to the full, and developed WBS as an alternative to Structural Glazing. WBS assembly fittings chiefly comprise stainless steel sheets which are laminated onto the glass. Bolts are welded onto these steel sheets.


WBS glazing units can be used for any buildings where the highest aesthetic and design standards apply. The glazing method is quite different from all conventional systems, providing both planners and facade and window companies with new possibilities for design and assembly. WBS is used both as single-pane glazing and as insulating units for windows and facades.


The mounting pins welded at the back to the steel interlayers provide a degree of support for the glass which falls between continuous fixing and spot fixing. WBS system insulating units are always designed as stepped insulating units. The stainless steel sheet is laminated onto the "step" and covers the edge sealant of the glazing unit, creating the effect of a colour-coordinated panel. The relatively variable breadth of the step renders the supporting construction on the reverse and the edge sealant completely invisible from the outside.


  • Optimum, maintenance-free protection of the sub-construction
  • Low glazing expense
  • No glass guide tracks necessary
  • Aesthetic enhancement of window or facade
  • Glazed surfaces easy to clean
  • New possibilities in window and facade design
  • Can be supplied in heat insulation or sun protection, soundproof or forced entry protection versions