Light-directing and light-diffusing glass

ISOLAR DEKOREX features light-directing or light-diffusing properties that ensure an even distribution of ambient daylight throughout even deep rooms, -regardless of the time of day or season. For additional glare protection, DEKOREX is available with shade-giving elements such as interior Venetian blinds.


  • DEKOREX LS light-diffusing insulating glass
  • DEKOREX J insulating glass with interior Venetian blind
  • DEKOREX R insulating glass with interior roller blind
  • DEKOREX P insulating glass with interior pleated blind


Inside a building, daylight can be a blessing or a burden: On the one hand, plenty of light in a room saves energy on artificial lighting. On the other hand, harsh contrasts of light and shade and glare are undesirable.


DEKOREX LS is primarily used in the following areas: In industrial building construction, for rows of windows, roof and ceiling glazing; in schools and offices, for skylights and dividing walls; in sports halls, for all-round glazing and dividing walls, in museums and halls of all kinds where DEKOREX elements are used in lighting design.


  • Even diffusion of light throughout room area
  • Eliminates glare
  • Saves energy by eliminating shade
  • Outstanding heat insulation
  • Can be combined with enhanced soundproofing and forced-entry protection

Dekorex J

DEKOREX J is the ideal combination of insulating glass with Venetian blinds. Further DEKOREX products on the same lines are DEKOREX R (with interior roller blind) and DEKOREX P (with interior pleated blind).


DEKOREX J is used wherever room temperature and brightness need to be individually adjusted. Manual or electric controls are available to provide users with a full range of shade options.


The blind is hermetically sealed inside the glazing unit. It is permanently protected from dust, dirt and weathering between the panes of the insulating glass unit, and is thus almost maintenance-free.


  • Sun protection and heat insulation in a single system
  • Variable glare protection and privacy options
  • Optimum utilization of daylight
  • Easy to install
  • Wind and weatherproof
  • Optimum utilization of space
  • Replaces exterior shutter or awning
  • Protection from mechanical damage
  • Can be combined with multi-functional insulating glass