Gleaming insulating glass

A combination of LED technology and glass enables light to be formed and shaped. This means its role in architecture is no longer limited to illumination, but can also be expanded to include decorative designs.


The integration of LED technology with glass enables infinite regulation of the brightness and colour of the glass. This creates a multitude of new opportunities for using light as an indoor and outdoor design feature – for advertising (company name, logos), or by individually adjusting brightness and/or colour levels according to the time of day.
Areas of application can be glass facades, decorative purposes, ground lighting, emergency lighting and revolving doors, amongst many others.


Glass LEDs are attached to the frame, wired up and the frame is glued to the insulating glass. When light is shone into the edge of a piece of glass, it is not normally visible on the surface (total internal reflection). If the glass surface is altered beforehand, however, for example by screen printing, the refraction index is also altered. Light then passes through this boundary layer.
The LED technology can be used in single-pane safety glass (SPSG), compound safety glass (CSG) and insulating glass – either flat or curved.


  • Precise source of light
  • No heat development
  • Long life of approx. 80,000 hours (light bulb approx. 1,000 hours)
  • Lower operating costs compared with conventional lighting

Example in use